Achieve your goals with FocusBit

Commit to doing only one task during chosen interval of time and discover the magic of getting things done

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Set a time

Set a time

Set a time for your task and turn timer

TODO and Done

TODO and Done

Check what you did. Plan tasks in advance

Manage your settings

Manage your settings

Notification settings and more

Write down your task and start timer

By picking one task and starting a timer you do the mental commitment to work on it. During the time interval FocusBit sends you reminders that help you to stay on track.

Start a timer for one task
Receive progress notification

Keep track of time

FocusBit can notify you about the progress during the time interval using notifications, progress bar and tray icon. It helps to keep you on track of doing the task.

See what you already done

Need to remember what you did yesterday or during last week? FocusBit can help you by showing each task and the time you spent on it.

See done report
Add TODO tasks in advance

Plan your tasks in advance

Got an interesting idea or just planning your day? Add TODO tasks in FocusBit and let it help you to accomplish them. FocusBit will remind you about planned items throughout the day.