Using pomodoro technique with FocusBit

Written on September 30, 2019

What is the Pomodoro technique?

Pomodoro is a time management technique for improving productivity. It was developed in Italy in 80s. It breaks down work into smaller tasks that can be done in 25-minute intervals, separated by short 5-minute breaks. During 25 minutes interval (called “pomodoro”) you should only work on the task you decided. In other words you should postpone checking social media and emails for when the break starts. You can read more on Wikipedia about it.

Despite being a very simple principle, it helped surprisingly many people to improve personal productivity. Research has shown that multitasking is bad, while regular breaks and routines are good for productivity.

Even though pomodoro technique was first developed to aid studying, this system is very adaptable to different kinds of work. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing: writing, answering email or programming. The clock makes you accountable and focused on the task. Especially when you write down this task first.

How can you use Pomodoro with FocusBit?

Despite being great approach overall, 25 minutes is kind of one-size-fits-all solution. So in FocusBit you can set a custom time interval, however restrain from making it very long. Shorter intervals help you to stay on track so everything from 15 to 35 minutes should work just great. If you don’t know what inteval to use, just stick with default 25 minutes at first.

Fill task description

After you decide on the inteval and write down your task in FocusBit, all is left to do is to start the timer. Optionally FocusBit will notify you when one, two and three quarters of your interval will pass. Also FocusBit can show you progress on the taskbar or as a tray icon. When you will use this first time you will appreciate how ticking clock positively affects your work.

What about breaks? In Pomodoro they should be 5 minutes between tasks and 15 minutes each 4 “pomodoros”. With FocusBit you can spend as much time between the tasks as needed. We believe that narrowing focus during work is more important than time-boxing rests. During break you can check social media, answer emails and calls, get a coffee or snack and do a quick workout. Anything that can help your brain to rest.

Plan tasks ahead

It is even easier to plan your next pomodoros using a todo list. Add future tasks as they pop up and manage them in FocusBit. You will get todo reminders through the day if you have pending tasks. Sometimes if you enter the “flow” and complete some tasks without starting them in FocusBit, you can mark them done or if they are not relevant anymore, you can simply remove them.

Better planning also means getting more work done since organizing work and focusing combined lead to unexpected productivity.

Analyze productivity and estimate better

One of the benefits of using FocusBit and pomodoro technique is that you can track how much time tasks really take. You can see the Done list with tasks and understand what exactly did you do and for how much time. This is a perfect tool for standups and personal reporting. Even more, it helps you to better estimate tasks like “this one will take 3 pomodoros to get it done”.

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